Shannon and Simon can pay for renos by switching to a better rate – with the help of loanScore

Shannon and Simon can pay for renos by switching to a better rate – with the help of loanScore

The Block winners Shannon and Simon Vos know a great deal about homes and renovating but admitted they weren’t so savvy when it came to home loans.
 Hannah Tattersall
Hannah Tattersall

Brothers Shannon and Simon Vos won season nine of popular renovation show The Block:Glasshouse back in 2014. While the two know a great deal about homes and renovating, they recently admitted they weren’t so savvy when it came to home loans. (In case you missed their insta story and Facebook video about this, we’ve included them below).

The painter (Shannon) and plumber (Simon) recently checked their home loan rates using uno’s loanScoreTM tool and found the results pretty surprising.

With Shannon moving into a new home, he has big plans to renovate. But as anyone who’s renovated their home before knows, the process can be time-consuming and extremely costly.

“I hope you have an absolute mint of savings tucked away, cause renovating ain’t cheap,” his brother Simon quipped.

Shannon, like 89% of homeowners, didn’t know the rate on his home loan. When he checked it using uno’s loanScore tool, he found out that he was actually eligible for a better rate. The money he could save by refinancing could even be put towards his renovations.

“I know you’re renovating your home, but you need to renovate your home loan before you start to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible,” said Shannon.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

When you let us know your current home loan rate and details about your loan, loanScore gives you a score out of 100 to indicate how good your current loan is. The higher the score, the better your loan is. If you get a low score, uno will search for better loans and can show you your potential net savings over 3 years if you choose to switch.

As an Active Home Loan Manager, uno:

  1. helps you find the right home loan for your situation
  2. monitors your existing loan and let you know whether it’s still the best loan available to you (even if you didn’t get it through us)
  3. helps you renegotiate with your current bank or lender, if your current loan is no good
  4. helps you switch banks, if your current bank or lender won’t come to the party

Check out uno’s loanScore tool to see if you could be getting a better rate – and could be saving money you could be putting towards something else – like renovations. my loanScore

 Hannah Tattersall
Hannah Tattersall

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