How long does it take to get a mortgage? Could you refinance by end of 2020?

Want to know how long refinancing your home will take? Curious to know if you could get it done by the end of 2020? Find out more at the uno Home Loan website.

What is the process for refinancing a home loan? How long does it take to refinance my home loan?

The refinancing process is similar to what happens when you apply for any new home loan. The main difference is the settlement date and loan details are more flexible because you aren't tied to a property transfer. This means many of the details can be locked in pretty quickly and at a time that best suits you.

• We have a quick and easy 3-step process to help you get ready to refinance.
• Get the documents you’ll need to verify your income, expenses and liabilities ready
• Make a list of your assets, and their current value
• Find the right deal, and apply

Home loans from digital lenders are a popular option for home buyers looking for an alternative to traditional banks. Digital lenders such as 86 400 can offer a home loan up to 6 times faster than the Big 4 banks.

How? They offer unconditional approvals in under 24 hours for completed applications, electronic ID checks, electronic income and expense verification and all loan documents are issued and signed electronically. Now might be the time to consider a digital lender.

And, if $1,500 for shopping or holidays sounds good to you, be sure to check out uno's $1,500 cash back offer. You will need to apply by 03/11/2020 - 23/12/2020 and settle by 31/03/2020.