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26 November 2019

Home Loan Calculator move over; uno loanScore is here!

If you’re anything like most Australians (and certainly me) once you get your home loan set up, you kind of fall in a heap and hope for the best. You’ve used your home loan calculator and you’re hoping you got the best rate and then you hope it stays that way. Meanwhile, your loan could be falling behind and you end up not saving and paying more than you should! More

6 November 2019

Avoiding financial waste with smarter home loan choices

Australians are costing themselves as much as $4.2 billion a year by not shopping around for a better deal on their mortgages, according to a study on household financial wastage. Uno Home Loans chief executive Anthony Justice says many people are so relieved to have secured finance and moved into their home they forget about their home loan and miss out on potentially better deals available through refinancing over time. More

30 October 2019

Why refinancing your home loan will save you money

Anthony Justice, chief executive of uno Home Loans, says the perceived hassle of refinancing and switching lenders is potentially costing Australian families like the Greens thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their home loan. "Typically, over time, people's loans will cease to be the best rate in the market for them. This is because lenders will bring out new products that they won't necessarily tell everyone about,” he says. “Or, like the Greens, people might increase equity in their home and be eligible for better interest rates, which again, their lenders may not tell them about." More

27 September 2019 | Sophie Elsworth

More lenders tipped to drop home loan interest rates into the "2" per cent range

MANY owner-occupier borrowers making principal and interest repayments should be paying a rate below the 3 per cent mark if the central bank cuts the official interest rate next week. Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe is strongly tipped to slash the cash rate when the RBA board meets on Tuesday, which would put pressure on the banks to lower their mortgage interest rates. More

10 September 2019 | Amy Marnie

Australia’s shocking $4.2 billion home loan waste and how to avoid it

Australians are famous bargain hunters and love finding a good deal. But, staggeringly, there’s one area where we’re falling short by an estimated $4.2 billion. This staggering figure, estimated using uno's loanScore insights, and in collaboration with global consulting firm A.T. Kearney, equates to roughly half the amount Australians are wasting on unused food ($9 billion in the past 12 months) and more than double what they throw away annually on unused gym memberships ($1.8 billion). More

9 September 2019 | Anthony Keane

Slash your mortgage faster with these six simple strategies

Falling interest rates are turning many Australians’ minds to their mortgages, and are creating a big opportunity for people to pay off their home loans much faster. The Reserve Bank last week left its official interest rate on hold at a record low 1 per cent, but two rate cuts since June — and expectations by economists of more to come — have made now an ideal time to attack your mortgage. More

9 September 2019 | Paul Clitheroe

Are you a deal hunter?

WE ALL like to think we're deal hunters. The trouble is, we often sweat the small stuff without seeing the bigger picture. And it's burning a multi-billion dollar hole in our wallets each year. Research by Heritage Bank found that three-quarters of Australians say they know how to chase a good deal. But we have a habit of obsessing over short term savings on minor purchases - like food and clothing. By overlooking opportunities for a better deal on our major financial products, we're collectively letting $7.4 billion slip through our fingers annually. More

27 July 2019 | Duncan Hughes

Mortgage prisoners caught in a $4 billion trap

More than 300,000 buyers are trapped in expensive, higher-rate mortgages and could be overpaying by $4 billion on their home loans, analysis shows. A typical owner-occupier borrower with a $1 million loan taken out in 2016 could be paying 3.56 per cent, or more than 60 basis points, above current rates. A three-year fixed rate for the same amount taken out around the same time is about 30 basis points higher. More

3 January 2020 | Sophie Elsworth

Older Australians are getting handed home loans that could see them paying them off over 100

Uno Home Loans’ chief executive officer Anthony Justice said when assessing an customer’s loan application “lending obligations apply regardless of age.” “If the applicant is relying on their employment income to make repayments, and retirement will occur during the loan term (usually 30 years) then to obtain a loan the applicant will need to demonstrate how they will pay out the loan at retirement,” he said. “This is called an exit strategy.” An exit strategy could include the sale of an asset such as an investment property or share portfolio. More